Frequently asked questions

If something doesn't work try to do it via holding space or mouse wheel
This FAQ will not replace the rules -> the rules are always leading

   How to start?
      - Get a Jammer and find a spot to place it (F11 -> show blocked areas should help you)
      - Try to find a car or a storage (e.g. Safe, Lockbox, Shelf, Tipi) to store your loot
      - Loot more and more to build up your base

   How do I find loot?
      - It takes some time until loot pops up.
      - Best chance to get loot is walking a bit up and down in cities and then search inside the buildings.
      - Loot spawns only if you keep walking
      - In military's and High Loot's spawns better loot than in cities
      - The more players there, the more loot spawns

   How do I get Vehicles?
      - You can find new spawned cars always on roads and helicopter can spawn anywhere.
      - At Traders when players sell them.

   How can I repack magazines?
      - Open your inventory and double click on the magazine which should be repacked

   How can I deposit / transfer my Krypto?
      - You can deposit Kryptos at every ATM or phone booth (in cities, no ATM in SafeZones!)
      - While looking at an ATM / phone booth press "i" or hold space -> inspect to open the menu
      - You can also put Cryptos on the ground (see next Point)

   How can I drop / take Krypto from the ground?
      - Open your inventory and in the top right corner of your inventory is a slider
      - Select the desired amount of Krypto and press drop
      - To take Krypto from the ground hold space and press take Krypto

   Is there an autorun key?
      - Autorun is by default on 2*W
      - You can change the autorun key in the Epoch configuration menu when you press ESC

   How can I get energy and for what do I need it?
      - Eating energy packs (energy depends on the ammo)
      - Sit inside a vehicle while the engine is running
      - Standing near a solar generator (Inventory -> Epoch crafting)
      - Used for: Building, NVG, Lockpicking, to open the garage doors (a laptop is needed)

   Is this PvP or PvE?
      - This server is PvPvE !

   How can I rearm my vehicle?
      - You have to visit the correct Service Point e.g. "Service Point Land" for Offroad(armed)

   Raiding example:
      - Your group consists of: 10 players
      - Opponents group consists of: 5 players
      - You can raid the opponents group always if they have at least 3 players online (Settings 4.9.3)
      - If there is only 1 opponent online, you can raid the opponents group if:
        - The opponent shoots in range of the Jammer
        - You kill / hurt the opponent in range of the Jammer
      - You wont be able to raid the opponents Base if the opponents group consists of 4 or less players

   How can I upgrade my Vehicle?
      - Get in as driver and get out of the vehicle (make the vehicle local for your client)
      - Hold space while looking at the vehicle -> maintenance -> upgrade
      - Upgrade path and needed resources to upgrade is available in F11 -> vehicle upgrade

   Where can I find vehicles?
      - Ground vehicles only spawn on roads
      - Air vehicles can spawn everywhere
      - Sometimes player have sold a vehicle at a trader

   How can I flip / push my vehicle?
      - Push: Press P (configureable in the Epoch-Menu in ESC)
      - Flip: Hold space -> Flip vehicle (for ground vehicles a jack is needed)

   How do I build a perfect ramp?
      - Build a wooden floor and use the arrow down key to select the desired tilt

   How can I expand my roof / floor? (Ghosting)

   What happens when I remove my Jammer (Plotpole)?
      - Nothing until you place it asap. While your jammer is removed other players could place their Jammer.

   How can I get / win Imperials
      - You can win Imperials random by the lottery. The lottery is random and everyone takes part of it while playing
      - Helping our server by uploading interesting videos -> for more information press F11

   How do I use the Multigun?
      - You always need a Multigun + energy pack + an attachment
      - There are 3 different attachments: Revive, Heal, Reapair
      - Just fire on the thing, you want to heal / repair / revive (Players, Corpses, Vehicles)

   How can I equip an Apex gun without DLC?
      - To equip an Apex gun without owning the DLC you have to drag the gun into your backpack
      - It will be automatically moved to your primary weapon slot, if you have currently no Weapon equipped

   How do I use the medical?
      - Hold space to open the menu and select the desired option (Heal free / reset revive counter 150 Krypto)

Good to know
   - If a vehicle or corpse is bugged or in the air press P to Push them
   - If you see someone which lost his gear but a second ago he had it, tell him to press ESC and wait 10 seconds otherwise he will losse it if he dies
   - In order to fix a vehicle you need a vehicle repair kit or multi-gun with repair attachment on it. To use the kit, double click on it in your inventory next to vehicle and select repair. You can craft a repair kit with one electronic comp and one small metal.