Changelog 2022-06-12:
Adjusted the vehicle inventory capacity based on the vehicle size.
See F11 -> Vehicle Properties for more infos.

Changelog 2022-03-21:
-Vehicles at your base now will stay locked for 5 days and will get deleted after 5 days if unused.

Changelog 2020-04-29:
- Added most of the Apex and Contact guns back in the loottable some days ago (Big thanks to BigSix).
- Set the BaseCam limit to 5 as some of you requested it.
- Added an additional check for packing safes and lockboxes so you dont pack them by accident.

Changelog 2020-04-15:
- The number of Jammers per Group has been reverted to 1 per Group.
- The max. Building Limits for the different Jammerstages have been changed
to 150/200/250/300/350 as a compensation.
- Added the Secure Area with special Settings:
   - Bases are not allowed to be camped.
   - Bases can not be raided and Safes / Vehicles can not be lockpicked in the Area.
   - If your base is located in the Secure Area you can not raid other Bases or
   lockpick other Safes / Vehicles at all.
- Removed the Highloot-Area from Panochori.
- Changed / Removed some blocked Areas.

Changelog 2020-03-14:
- Each Group can now have two Bases on the server, but the minimum distance between
two Jammers remains.
- You can now have twice the amount of vehilces as the limit of 5 vehicles per
Group counts for each Base independently.

Changelog 2020-03-07:
- Changed the aiming-dead-zones of the basecams + increased the max zoom.
- Added a new mission called "Bandit Camp under construction - lvl4" that is
a little harder than the lvl 2 but has much more and better loot.

- Added (hopefully) all snowtrees and bushes to be harvestable.
- Changed the missionloot a bit to not have that much variation.
- Added a rocketlauncher and rockets to the loottable (with a low spawnrate).
- Added rockets to blackmarket traders.
- Added rocketlaunchers can be used for raiding (1-2 rockets per door).
- Changed the klicking sound of the zombies to another one.

- Changed the Map to Isla Abramia.
- Added Zombies (RyanZ / Zombies and Deamons) with selfmade spawn triggers.
- Removed Sapper, Cultists and UAVs.
- Changed the loot a bit to spawn a little less high end loot such as sniperrifles and lvl 5 vests.
- Added custom buildings to the citys and towns.
- Added several bridges to connect the islands.
- Built new safezones on the map.
- Added blocked areas on the map.
- placed custom ATMs in the citys and next to fuel stations.
- Added Blackmarket Traders with unlimited stock.
- Changed the Basebuilding a bit:
   - Max building hight is 45m
   - You can only have 5 Cinder and 6 Metal / Wood Doors
   - Upgrading to Cinder Doors now needs a Combinationlock and a Wire Cable additionally
   - Upgrading to Metal / Wood Doors now needs a Wire Cable additionally
   - Building Limit is set to 210 with fully upgraded Jammer
   - You can not build two buildings from Buildingspawn and 200 Credits from Addon Spawn
   - Removed ladders from loot table and epoch crafting. - Placed Service Points on the map.
- Added some vehicles to the vehicle upgrade system (Ghosthawk unarmed, Speedboat Minigun) and changed the order a bit.
- Tweaked the traderprices a bit.
- Added HALO Spawn (NE / NW / SE / SW) + Ignatz Express.
- Replace Toxic, Bloodpressure, Soiled... by an overall "Sickness"
- Removed some useless items from the loottable.
- Added nighttime to the server with a 10% chance of either 1h at the start or at the end.
- You can now craft a bike instead of the hoverboar as spawn vehicle.
- Replaced scripted Vehicle Lifting by the Vanilla Hook function (Tow Vehicles still works!)
- Placed paintgarages on the map.
- Increased the hunger and thirst loss a bit.
- Added a pistol to the spawngear.
- Removed Epoch Garden Pots and all plants except for hemp.
- Added 4 Pawnees to the server wich are not lockable.
- Added advanced vehicle Repair (repair your vehicle now with space).
- Vehiclerepairkits are now only craftable and are still used from the inventory.
- Removed EpochGardenPots as well as all kinds of seeds.
- Removed all plants except for Hemp from the plant mission.

- A Sandstorm can now randomly appear in the Highloot Area
- You can now recieve cosmetic rewards for donating wich will last 30 days!
   - 3,- EUR: You can change the picture for your signs / flags (Inventory -> Addon Spawn) at your Base and get more Vehicle skins within the Paint Garage
   - 3,- EUR: You can upload us a self made Vehicle Texture, that only you can use on the Server
   - 3,- EUR: You can upload us a self made picture for your Flags / Signs at your Base
   - Max 1 custom Vehicle Texture and 2 custom Flag / Sign Pictures are possible!

- Changed the Noisy Screen for Player UAVs
   - Increased max distance for UAVs (before screen get noisy)
   - Added noisy screen, when near opponent Bases
   - Added noisy screen, when near HighLoot Area
- Adjusted UAV / Sapper / Cloak Spawn a bit (should be more Drones now)

- Added a new (old) CapPoint composition
   - Do not try to land here with a Helicopter!!!
   - Preview1
   - Preview2

- Added some new Mission Compositions (thx to @DerFati and @Domme for their compositions)
- Changed limits for needed online Players to be raidbale in Server Settings 4.9.3
   - Server Einstellungen
   - Server Settings
   - Настройки сервера

- Updated the Server to EpochMod 1.3.3
- Official Changelog
- Please restart your Game and Steam to also force your client update
- Changed and fixed Start (Bambi) Uniforms on Spawn / Respawn (thx to rvg?! for the new textures!)

- Added a button to the Dynamenu for Settings (F11) - can be disabled within this menu
- Readded default Epoch UAV / Cultist / Phantom (already done some days ago)
- Renamed the Buttons in F11 a bit
- Missions and CapPoints should now no longer spawn close to each other
- CapPoints will now give as reward a pallet with money again (instead of directly on hand)
- Added Flags to Custom Addon Spawn
- Prepared Files for later Donators textures (Signs / Flags / Vehicles) - WIP

- You can now use again your BaseCam outside your PlotPole range (was missing in one of the updates)
   - Use it by double click on a BaseCam Terminal within your Inventory
   - The display get more and more blurry according to the distance to the Cam
- Drones / UAV's have again a limited range
   - The display get more and more blurry according to the distance.
   - Connection will get lost when distance is too high

- You can now convert most Magazines into magazines with the same caliber at Traders (Space/Dyna Menu)
   - Does not work at Traders in SafeZones!
   - Each convert costs 25 Krypto
   - The Trader will remove 20% of the bullets for each convert.
- You can now craft "12.7 APDS" by "12.7 (noAPDS)" + 4x Iron Ore (near fire Place)

- Updated (optional) JSRS SoundMod Key to the latest 2020 Version
- link to the Mod: JSRS SOUNDMOD

- Changed the colors for the mission difficult (so it make more sense)
   - Green -> light (lvl1)
   - Yellow -> light / mid (lvl2)
   - Orange -> mid / hard (lvl3)
   - Red -> hard (lvl4)
   - Blue -> Special Loot (the lvl will be written into the Marker name. e.g. "Bandit Workshop - lvl2)
- Also reworked a lot within the missions core

- New Orange mission composition "Bandit Base" made by Goan (many thx)

- Color Black is now available for all Vehicles within the Paint Garage.

- Rappelling from Helis is now only possible in slow Speed and Heli is not lowering (prevent exploding Helis).
- In case you still notice exploding Helis by Rappelling, let us know!
- Hoverboards can now only get packed, when their Inventory is empty (prevent from loosing items)
- Fixed: Show my Corpse / Enable Killmessages was not toggleable without Menu Level in F11 Menu

- I know this isn't a change log, but I'm not sure how many of you are aware you can change you terrain detail distance by going to F11>Click: High, Medium, Low; depending on the terrain detail you want.
- Also we're thinking of our next event, please give any ideas to a staff member!

- Added ability to not have to pay base maintainence costs with menu level 2. Also restricted using krypto to get menu level 2.

- Added new textures to Vehicle Painting for the Strider (thx to @Madissen for the texture!)
- Added new textures to Vehicle Painting for the Strider (thx to @Madissen for the texture!)
   - Blue Crush
   - Blood Thirst

- Added 2 new textures to Vehicle Painting for the Hunter (thx to @Madissen for the textures!)
   - Blood Thirst
   - Wood Land

- Added a new script that put the Inventory of destroyed Vehicles on the Ground (thx to @He-Man)

- Fixed an issue where no Loot was inside containers in HighLoot / Military Areas

We are running a German Server...
But in the past the ingame chat became more and more into a multi-language chat.
As we want to keep the chat readable for the whole community, we have decided to only allow German (as our main language) and English (as the main global language) in side chat.
This only count for the SideChat. What language you write in Direct / Group Chat is up to you, of course!
Please respect this!

- Counter for finished CapPoints was not working in Stats

- Server Wipe!!!
- Epoch updated to 1.3.1 Changelog
- Added additional Spawnpoint in Faronaki (149/110)
- Adjusted Loot a bit
- Added a Police Variant of the Orange DLC van to upgradeable Vehicles

- Server updated to Arma v1.90
- Added upgradeable PlotPoles
- 1st Jammer upgrade:
   - buildingJammerRange: 75 -> 125
   - buildingCountLimit: 150 -> 180
   - storageCountLimit: 12 -> 16
- 2nd Jammer upgrade:
   - buildingJammerRange: 125 -> 150
   - buildingCountLimit: 180 -> 195
   - storageCountLimit: 16 -> 18

- Added new Epoch 1.3 Weapons to Mission NPC loadout
- Reduced Nighttime

- Readded the E-Pad with some base functions (will be filled later)
- Crafted Mosquitos were spawned on Players position
- Reduced forcewalk near Baseobjects a bit
- Reduced Rain chance a bit
- Smaller Bugfixes

- Updated to EpochMod 1.3: Changelog
- Replaced the Map in Spawnbox to the new Booth from the Epoch Update
   - You can now simply enter the box and the spawn menu will come up

- Added some new missions to random missions
- Changed Mission clear Trigger from AllDead to PlayerNearCenter
   - Means, Lootbox spawn, if a Player comes near the mission center
   - WARNING!!! There could still be alive AI's.

- Capture missions were broken (no scroll menu) - Fixed
- Killed AI from CapPoints and Highloot has not count as AI-Kill in stats - Fixed

- Fixed Prowler armed needs Manual lvl 4 (not lvl 3)
- Added MB4WD IDAP to spawned Vehicles
- Reduced antagonist spawn change a bit
- NPC at HighLoot and CapPoint have now random uniforms

- Added EH302 (Mohawk IDAP) to Vehicle Upgrades
- It is still the same as Mohawk, but another texture click
- Added Weapon ADR-97 + mags and suppressor to Loot

- Fixed bug in Tradermissions since Snowmans are Traders

- Fixed missing Uniforms on CapPoint and Highloot AI

- Re-Added AI to HighLoot
- Removed Chainsaws and Multiguns from AI Weapons

- Re-Added CapPoints (within another mission system)

- Fixed despawning dead AI after mission clear

- Changed the mission system and resorted / fixed some Loots / scripts
- Added a Radio Station Spawner
   - Some small Radio Stations (houses) spawn random on the map
   - Near the Stations, you can hear some radio chatter
   - Go closer and you can snap a secret location and you get a marker

- You now have to confirm your ingame name on first login
- Once confirmed, you can only connect to the Server with the confirmed name

- You can now ask the Trader to check your unknown documents (not in Safe Zones)
- with some luck, he can identify it and you get a vehicle manual back

- Reworked unconscious script a bit (More realistic fall down animation)

- Fixed not correct working loot trigger above water (custom Airfield)
- Added new Spawnpoint Sfaka (92/80)
- Added a new random Highloot Area at custom Airfield

- JSRS SoundMod is now allowed (but not needed) on the Server: JSRS
- Reduced needed material for Workbench in Base Addons
- Added a Desk to Base Addons

- Readded the old UAV to Vehicle spawn after fixing the issues

- You can now change your license plates (menu lvl 2 needed!) Video

- Fixed: Looting UAV's was not possible with Space Menu
- Military Towers from Basebuildings now spawn with closed Hatches

- Changed Building Box inventory a bit
- Added Loot for IDAP tents (new Airfield)
- Try to fix unlocking near Vehicles with Safe / Lockbox in target
- Hemp + Sunflower was missing in Plant Spawns

- Fixed missing NPC's in Highloot
- Corrected Vehicle Upgrades picture
- Changed texture for Hoverboards

- Server Wipe
- Added 2 Static Traders on the Map
- Reworked Server Rules and Settings a bit - Read it!!!
- Reworked and increased temp Plane spawns
- Removed Heal Player attachment from Loots
- Replaced Revive attachment by Defibrillator in Loots (use with Space Menu)
- Morphine can now be used to wake up unconscious players (use with Space Menu)
- Foreign vehicles in Plotpole range will now be unlocked after restart
- Boats now spawn random again and all boat types can be upgraded to HMG (except SDV)
- Added some new Clothings to loot
- Added some missing loot to Heli Crash
- Added Mil-Tower (Land_Cargo_Tower_V1_F) to Building Spawn
- Added some new Addons to Addon spawn
- Removed armed Helicopters from the Server

- Removed 3.10 from server settings, because cams are already moved into Epoch Basebuilding
- Check Discord announcements for more details!

- Removed default UAVs from Vehicle spawn (there are some bugs)
- Fixed smaller bug in Group invites

- Locked Stairs can no longer be completely destroyed (only opened) by explosives
- Resorted some Scripts for upcomming updates

- Added 2 new rules (1.5 and 2.4). Please check them!

- Some more tweaks in performance script
- Reworked attaching explosives on lockable stairs (getting correct target was sometimes not easy)

- New performance script (feedback wanted!)
- Increased lockpick distance for safes a bit (thx Unk0wnNobody for report)
- Added a simple animation in the Shop-Menu

The new performance script is a very complex script and we were only able to test it on the test server with 2 peoples.
So not compareable with the live-server.
Please give us some feedback, if the performance will be better or (hopefully not) there are problems

- New Mapmarker for custom bridges
- New redesigned custom Airfield in South-West by Forelle Vierkant
- Added option to enable / disable AutoEarplugs (on veh enter) in F11 menu

- Added protection against breaking slingload ropes

- Added UH1H to vehicle upgrades

- Epoch Updated to 1.2: Changelog
- Added Hoverboard and Mountainbike to craftable Vehicles
- Readded Ebike to craftable Vehicles
- Increased required material a bit for craftable Vehicles
- Old Basecams are no longer working. Craft and build the new once instead

- Some new icons for DynaMenu
- Temporarily removed ebike from Vehicle-Crafting, as it has a bug
- Fixed counter for crafted items in Playerstats

- Reworked login script.
- If you have again login issues (nacked spawn), please report to an Admin!

- You can now smoke Hemp. It reduce Toxic, but increase Alcohol
- Goldenseal now reduce more toxic

- Added back the Ghosthawk to VehUpgrades, but with reduced Ammo (1250rnd per side)

- Server Wipe!!!!!
- Reworked energy sources
   - Energy from Solar sources depends from Day and Overcast
   - Energy from Wind sources depends from Wind
- GoldenSeal no longer dissapear when fully grown in Garden
- Ammo of crafted mags are now calculated by left ammo in used mags
   - Means, if you craft a large E-Pack with 3 half small E-Packs,
     you will also get a half Large E-Pack back
- Consumed E-Packs will now give energy calculated by left ammo
- Removed DynaMenu for BuildMode from Base Parts again.
- Replaced SUV by Hatchback in Vehicle Spawn
- Added Hatchback (Sport) to Vehicle Upgrades
- Added AWC 303 (from Tank DLC) to Vehicle Upgrades
- Added MB 4WD Armed to Vehicle Upgrades
- Removed Ghosthawk from Vehicle Upgrades
- Resorted the Vehicle Upgrades a bit more
- Added some new Addons to "Addon Spawn"
- Added BaseCam Keys to Keybinds in ESC-Menu
- Added CustomBuild Keys to Keybinds in ESC-Menu

- On selling Primary / Secondary Weapon you will now get the attachments back into your Inventory
- Attached Charges / Lockpicks can only be activated within 15 minutes
- Added an "in Combat" Icon on the Screen
- Colored SafeZone messages (green on enter, red on leave)
- Player in Helicopter will only get SafeZone Protection if not in Combat

- Fixed broken Advanced Vehicle Repair after last Arma Update

- SnapPoint tweaks
   - More accurate Snappositions für Walls without Floors
   - More accurate Snappoints for Foundations
   - Added ability to snap Wood / Cinder Walls to each other

- Ships are now upgradeable (only Rubberboat spawn on map)

- Added some rare Apex Weapons

- Added Anti Combat Log Script
   - You get a warning on logout with remaining combat time
   - On logout, your Character will stay on spot for combat time
   - Combat time is triggered by:
      - You shoot in the direction of visible opponents
      - You are shot by visible opponents
      - Will not trigger by / to group members
   - max possible combat time: 2 minutes
   - Combat logouts are announced by a global chat message
- Added rule #6.3 as it seems to be not of course for some players
- Added a more visible Icon to find purchased Vehicles
- Added a small FAQ, that will be grow up in the next time in F11

- Increased time to 20 sec for msg "BaseSpawn Blocked (Raidable)", if you set BaseSpawn, but be raidable
- Reworked Login Script a bit (hopefully less login issues)
- Fixed an issue where Strider lvl4 was downgraded to lvl2 on Restart

- Added Rule #6.2

- Damage will now be reduced by time.
   - The Speed is affected by: Temperature, Sickness, Running / Sitting...
   - Most effect has sitting on the Ground (resting)
- VehicleRepair is now Craftable by 1x ItemDuctTape + 1x ItemScraps + 1x CircuitParts
- Reduced Price in F11-Shop for VehicleRepair from 400 (200) to 200 (100) Crypto (Imperials)
- Reduced Price in F11-Shop for a Jack from 400 (200) to 200 (100) Crypto (Imperials)

- Replaced Pier Box Addon (HeliPad) with a smaller and cheaper one
- Changed some Addons to simpleobjects (less Heli-Bugging on them)

- Changed max custom Addons from 10 to Addon "Credits"
- Added a big platform to Custom Addons
- Added a try to prevent exploding Helis on roofs
- Added random Money lumps with a map marker on the map
- Reduced the AI skill a bit

- Added "Put Money on Ground" Button to Inventory

- Basebuilding
   - Added helper 3D-Icon on Parts, where you have snapped on
   - Added Snappoint to Floors for 2x Wall height
   - Increased snap distance for foundations
- Building Addons
   - Added a lot of decorative Building Addons (already a few days ago)

- Some Changes in F11-Menu
   - Added Vehicle Upgrades and Properties
   - Added Website
   - Resorted Buttons a bit
- Added free building positions into "Show blocked Areas" Mapicons
   - This should help new players to find a building spot
   - Blocked Areas are Red, free Areas are Green
   - Everytime you activate it, it will show some random free positions
   - This function needs a bit performance on load, so it can stuck a bit

- Increased Plotpole range from 50m to 75m
- Corrected Vehicle Locktime in Server Settings from 1 day to 3 days
- Changed default Autorun key to tap 2x "w" (you can change it in Epoch ESC-Menu)
- Some smaller changes in Autorun Script
- With the next Update, the Ghosthawk will count as armed AND armored Vehicle (not yet)

- Traders will no longer refill sold magazines
   - Magazines will automatic be repacked in Trader
   - First the trader offers full magazines
   - If no full magazine is available, the Trader offer the last not full magazine
   - Not full magazines are colored: Yellow (nearly full) -> Red (nearly empty)
   - You also get a Tooltip, how much bullets left in magazine
   - The prices are calculated by the left bullets in the magazine
- Lighter is now needed to inflame fires
- Lighter can be refilled at Fuel sources (Gasstations / Vehicles)
- Inventory will automatic open, if "you found something"

- Added Rule #2.5 to Server Rules
- Reworked Safe Zone 2 a bit
- Smaller Bugfixes

- Server Wipe !!!!!
- Added enumerations to rules and settings
- Cinder Doors now counts as Cinder Gates for Basebuilding - means:
   - max 8 Wood / Metal Doors (also not lockable doors counts as Doors now)
   - max 5 Cinder Doors / Gates
- Reworked distance restriction for spawned UAVs:
   - The higher the distance, the more blurry the screen
   - The more objects are between you and the UAV, the more blurry the screen
   - Distance > 1500m -> Warning message
   - Distance > 2000m -> Connection will be lost
- spawned UAV now also play sound like AI-UAV
- Fixed some wrong Building Counts in F11 Menu
- Redefined some blocked Areas a bit
- Added Menu Level Timeout to F11 -> Playerstats
- Added V_PlateCarrierSpec_blk to Loottable
- Increased random NightTime on Server Start / End
- Added Links for VehicleUpgrades / Properties to F11 Menu
- Changed, that you can always lockpick Vehicles in your own Plotpole Range
- Changed, that you can not attach explosives on your own Base
- Destroyed (opened) Doors / Gates can be completely destroyed with an additional Charge
- You will no longer become raidable, if you fire at your own Base without visible near opponents
- Replaced "AttachIcons" in F11 Menu by "Building Helper" (hint message while Base building).
- Redefined Service Points
- Changed Jammer Radius to 50m
- Changed max. building height to 30m
- Disabled Bank Terminals and Gasstations in Plotpole range
- Fixed ambient nightlight in Vehicles not working (darkness inside Vehicles)

- Changed Group-Size check for raiding from 40% to 25%
- That means generally:
   1-Man Groups -> raidable by 4-Man Groups
   2-Man Groups -> raidable by 8-Man Groups
   3-Man Groups -> raidable by 12-Man Groups
   4-Man Groups -> raidable by all Groups
- This has no effect to the min online Player Check of the raided Group!
- Reworked Server Restart (kick of Game) a bit
- Added protection to not park on spawn pads in SafeZones

- Block Locking of foreign Vehicles in Safe Zones
- Smaller Bugfixes

- Reworked Anti-Wall-Look Check
- Reworked Jump-Animation, so you can jump onto small Steps
- Exploded Doors / Gates will no longer be destroyed, but the lock self will be destroyed
   - This means, everybody can open / close these Doors / Gates until Restart
- Increased the distance to attache explosives a bit
- To give Players the chance to prepare their Base for these Changes,
it is not allowed to attach Explosives on foreign Bases for the next 24 hours!

- Added random Snow
- Added some missing Epoch Caps to LootTable
- Added a fix to prevent glitching under the ground (hopefully working well)
- Changed the server side handling of Basepart simulations

- Fixed not working Basebuilding Lights after Restart
- Increased Locate Sensor Distance from 2000m to 3500m
- Increased crafted UAV distance from 1250m to 2000m
- Added temp space menu fix to close bugged Doors (if door is opened and locked)

- Upgraded Vehicles now spawn without Ammo
- Removed add / remove magazine for armed Vehicles
- Reduced player slots to 70
- Some more performance tweaks

- Performance tweaks

- HighLoot AI now comes per Parachute and Ground
- Reduced AI Intervall in HighLoot Area
- Reduced Lightning Strokes in HighLoot Area

- Added Parachute AI to HighLoot Area
- Added Lighning strokes to HighLoot Area
- Reduced min player count for HighLoot Area to 20 Players
- Replaced Crafted Mosquito by Mosquito with 3 Grenades
!!! WARNING !!! - The AI's in HighLoot have RPG's, so be careful with Vehicles around this Area !!!

- Added random Sappers and Cultists (spawn chance have to be adjusted)
- Added real lightning strokes on bad weather (first test)

- Increased Building Limit to 150 for Leader + 3 per member
- Reduced Bank Transfer Time
- Removed rule, that landing on a Base count as a started Raid
- Bushes are now useable without a Hatchet and without energy loss

- Increases max armored Landvehicles from 1 to 2
- Added Sunflowers and Hemp to Plant Spawn
- less rain
- faster mission intervall

- Removed the rule about destroying Vehicles in open fights
- Added new Mission compositions
- Added Workbench + Sledge to Building Box
- Changed Vehicle Upgrade Recipes a bit
- Added HEMTT, Ghosthawk, Van Vehicle Transport (DLC) to upgradeable Vehicles
- Reduced Price for Mosquito to 1 VehicleRepair, 2 Metal, 2 Electronic or 750 Imperials
- Added Pos Marker for Group Members (Menu Level 2 needed)
- Fixed Trader cleanup sometimes not work as intended
- Added restriction for max 8 Lockboxes per Base
- Additional Lockboxes be automatic transformed to crates on Update
- Made Traderpos a bit more safe in SafeZones
- Added advanced Corpse Marker (Menu Level 2 needed)
- Added some more Spots for random Highloot Areas
- Added new Orange-DLC UAV's to Vehicle Crafting (no DLC required)
- New Food / Drink / Medical Items
   - Reduce Sickness with Antibiotic / Bloodbags
- EpochMod updated to v1.0 -
- Vehicle Repair config for our Servers:
   - HitHull / Body: Metal small
   - Tires: Vehicle Repair Parts
   - Engine: Vehicle Repair Parts
   - Glass: Glass
   - Fuel: Duct Tape
   - Rotor: Metal small
   - Winch: Cable
   - Avionics: Electronic Component
Vehicle Upgrades:

- Added locked / unlocked hint for Vehicles and Storages
- Added intervall "beep" to UAVs, as the sound is too silent after last Arma update
- Added Van Transport (Orange DLC) to upgradeable Vehicles
- Reduced UAV-Price to 1 VehicleRepair small, 1 Metal Small, 1 Electronic or 250 Imperials
- Some Bugfixes(bearbeitet)