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Homepage: http://ignatz-gaming.de
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Teamspeak: Ignatz-Gaming.de
Discord: Ignatz-Gaming Discord
FaceBook: http://Facebook.com/ignatzGaming/
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Changelog 2020-04-15:
- The number of Jammers per Group has been reverted to 1 per Group.
- The max. Building Limits for the different Jammerstages have been changed
to 150/200/250/300/350 as a compensation.
- Added the Secure Area with special Settings:
   - Bases are not allowed to be camped.
   - Bases can not be raided and Safes / Vehicles can not be lockpicked in the Area.
   - If your base is located in the Secure Area you can not raid other Bases or
   lockpick other Safes / Vehicles at all.
- Removed the Highloot-Area from Panochori.
- Changed / Removed some blocked Areas.

Sadly we could not add the GM DLC because it resulted in problems to connect to the Server.