We already invested work for days and weeks into our servers.
Furthermore high-performance servers (as we use) are very expensive.
You want to help us keeping our servers alive?
Then please donate just a bitů
It does not have to be much money. Every single Euro is helping!

All donations are exclusive used to compound the server costs and nobody will earn money with it!

What you will get back for donations?
 - These reward always count for 30 Days!
   - 3,- EUR: You can change the picture for your signs / flags (Inventory -> Addon Spawn) at your Base and get more Vehicle skins within the Paint Garage
   - 3,- EUR: You can upload us a self made Vehicle Texture, that only you can use on the Server
   - 3,- EUR: You can upload us a self made picture for your Flags / Signs at your Base
   - Max 1 Vehicle Texture and 2 Flag / Sign Pictures are possible!
 - Unfortunately it is not allowed to give you other rewards than that for your donations
 - But if we can thank you for your donation in any other way please let us know.
 - Your donation is very important for us and we will do what we can.
 - Please talk to our Supporter on Teamspeak / Discord for any assistence.

You want to donate for our server?
PayPal: click